Benefits of InnoFase

Innovation Workshop

Energy factory, raw-material factory, water factory and waste processing

The Innovation Workshop is an initiative of the Rijn & IJssel Water Board, AVR and the Duiven municipality. Businesses can test here how well their innovations work and demonstrate them in a realistic setting. But we are also working on a centre where companies and educational institutions can join forces to promote developments and knowledge sharing in the fields of economics, technology and the environment.

Plenty of space for sustainable enterprise

Growth potential due to large distance from residential areas

InnoFase offers plenty of room for circular technologies and innovations. This makes the business park an appealing location for both start-ups and multinationals. Due to the large distance from residential areas, there is plenty of scope for further expanding commercial operations, both now and in the future.

Companies from higher environmental categories are also welcome

Suitable for companies up to environmental category 5

Dividing companies into their categories shows what an impact their activities have on the immediate surroundings and the environment. Companies are classified in a higher category when their impact on the environment is greater. The distance between the business park and the residential areas is such that companies from environmental category 5 are also welcome at InnoFase.

Leasehold of company sites possible

Lower operating costs thanks to leasehold

When you as an entrepreneur build a company on leasehold ground, you only need to finance the cost of the commercial unit. For the lot you pay a ground rent to the municipal authorities that is fixed for a certain period. These costs are considered operating costs and are thus tax deductible.

Maximum mobility

Less traffic, lower fuel consumption

The entire site is suitable for longer and heavier truck combinations (LHVs). The extra load space and higher maximum load of these vehicle combinations mean that fewer transport movements are required. At InnoFase there is both a diesel service station and an LNG filling point.

Greater sustainability of operating processes through interchange of flows

Doing business in a circular economy

At InnoFase, companies work together to limit the use of costly new raw materials required to make their products. During the processes in which they convert waste into new products, all sorts of by-products are created, such as biomass, CO2 and biogas. These flows are exchanged and processed as raw materials.

Central location beside the A12 motorway, close to loading/unloading dock

Outstanding accessibility, both now and in the future

InnoFase is favourably located relative to trunk roads and motorways, especially since the A15 motorway has now been lengthened and connected to the A12 motorway. The adjacent docks make it possible to transport large volumes of bulk material by water, keeping transport movements to a minimum. This quayside is part of the Putman Groep, a company specialising in sand, grit and clay extraction, and the collection, sorting and recycling of construction and demolition waste.

The Duiven municipal authorities are stimulating sustainable enterprise

Advice and assistance with licences, permits and subsidies

Together with companies at InnoFase, the Duiven municipality is exploring the opportunities for facilitating sustainable initiatives. They give circular enterprises all the space required for active support and coaching with permits, licences and subsidies.

Mutual cooperation leads to significant savings

Reduce your costs for heat, energy, water and biogas

Businesses at InnoFase produce at lower cost thanks to the smart use of heat, energy and water. They supply heat (various temperatures and pressures), electricity (both below and above 2MVA), water (various qualities) and biogas to other companies at the park at favourable rates.