4PET Recycling

Processes PET consumer waste into circular raw materials for various industries.


PET is a plastic used in bottles, packing materials for foodstuffs and fibres. 4PET processes PET consumer waste into raw materials for various industries. We sort, treat, filter and process the material supplied into high-grade rPET flakes and rPET granulates.

To guarantee the safety of the end user, clarity and purity are key. Thanks to 4PET's stringent quality-control system, the recycling process complies with the requirements for contact with foodstuffs.

4PET has a capacity of over 35,000 tons per year. That is some 875 million PET bottles. Our goal is to increase the availability of recycled PET material, thus delivering a further contribution to the circular economy.

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The water board processes our waste water. We then receive the biogas that this process produces, together with purified sewage water that we use as coolant for our machines. The pulp from our paper labels goes to AVR, which converts it into the electricity and heat that we use.

Jean-Loup van de Wiele, CEO
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