AVR waste-to-energy plant

Processes residual waste from households and businesses, produces renewable heat, electricity and circular raw materials.


The AVR power plant receives and processes various kinds of residual waste, both domestic and industrial. We even process waste safely and efficiently that is not suitable for recycling or storage.

AVR has a powerful ambition: eliminating wastage. We are achieving this by turning waste into a resource. In doing so, we strive to achieve a CO₂ neutral footprint. We want to create a cleaner world where nothing remains unused.

Based on our smart combustion technology, we provide economic and sustainable waste-processing solutions. Steam that heats thousands of households, CO₂ deployed as a fertilizer in glasshouses and horticulture, metals from bottom ash we use to produce sustainable paving stones, and electricity that we re-supply to the public grid.

Water and power at very competitive rates

We supply cheap energy to other companies on the park. There is even a power main from AVR directly to 4PET Recycling. Anyone at InnoFase who wants to enjoy significant savings on hot water or power just has to give us a call.

Robert Hageman, Operations Manager of the AVR waste-to-energy plant
AVR waste-to-energy plant
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