Energie van Hollandsche Bodem (EvHB)

Installation and management of solar systems


Energie van Hollandsche Bodem constructs solar roofs and solar farms. We develop solutions for installing systems, and for the storage and management of energy. On behalf of and in cooperation with authorities, institutions, companies and individuals.

Together with the Duiven municipality, we developed the Gansenwoirt solar farm at InnoFase. The park comprises two zones of 1.2 hectares each, providing space to 7,392 solar panels. Annually, these supply around 2 million kWh of electricity. That's equivalent to the power used by 650 households.

We prefer to set up our solar panels as green as possible. Around the panels we sow flowering plants for butterflies, bumblebees and honey bees. Dead hedging under the panels creates an appealing habitat for insects, small mammals and songbirds. We allow sheep to graze on the solar farm to keep the grass short.

Wide range of opportunities for sustainable companies

Cooperating on a more sustainable environment gives us energy! The facilities, the location and InnoFase's outstanding network offer companies a huge range of opportunities. The close cooperation between the companies as well as with the Duiven municipality stimulates all contributions to the circular economy.

Erik Jansen, CEO
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