Rijn & IJssel Water Board

Management and treatment of water in the region


The Rijn & IJssel Water Board provides water management in the Achterhoek region, Liemers region and part of the province of Overijssel. This involves management of (ground)water levels, waste-water treatment, and supply of clean water in streams, drainage ditches and rivers.

The Water Board collects the waste water from nearly 600,000 residents and 20,000 companies in the sewers and purifies it in waste-water treatment plants. At InnoFase, we receive the waste water from multiple companies. After treatment, we re-supply a portion of it as coolant. The rest of the water flows back into the IJssel River.

The Rijn & IJssel Water Board has around 140 sewage plants that pump waste water via pressure mains to 13 waste-water treatment plants. Here we treat the sewage in close collaboration with the local municipalities.

Innovating at an ideal location

We are continually working to make the collaboration with companies more intensive and sustainable. The Innovation Workshop on the site, between the Water Board and AVR, is a good example of this. Third parties can evaluate their ideas here in relation to the processes of companies at InnoFase. This might include experiments with bottom ash for new applications.

Coert Petri, Sr. Policy Adviser
Rijn & IJssel Water Board
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