Rolande LNG filling station

Developer and operator of LNG filling stations


Rolande aims for the cleanest and most economically feasible fuel in the transport sector. This sector is responsible for a significant proportion of emissions of CO2, NOx and particulate matter. We supply a sustainable and economically feasible alternative to diesel: (Bio-)LNG.

In 2010, Rolande introduced driving on liquid natural gas (LNG) and liquid biogas (Bio-LNG) to Dutch and European road transport. LNG results in 15 to 20% lower CO2 emissions compared to diesel. We produce and supply sustainable fuels, and support companies in switching to LNG and Bio-LNG.

At InnoFase, there is an unmanned Rolande filling station. This is part of our own network of LNG filling stations across all of Europe. Providing LNG at this central location ensures that surrounding companies are able to make their transport facilities even more sustainable.

Greener transport

Synergiepark InnoFase is a logistics hotspot close to the border. A great place to introduce companies to a more sustainable alternative to diesel. By providing LNG in this region, we help to make the flows to and from InnoFase even more sustainable.

Bouk van den Dungen, Network Development Manager
Rolande LNG filling station
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