EG Fuel

24/7 refuelling


EG Fuel (formerly Salland Olie) focuses on developing and supplying alternative fuels, such as electricity and liquid natural gas (LNG).

We run an unmanned filling station at InnoFase. All holders of a GO Fuel Card may refuel here 24/7. The station in Duiven is part of a network that comprises over 200 filling stations in the Benelux.

The benefit for companies at InnoFase is that they do not need to invest in fuel storage. And that results in a lower risk to the environment.

Water and power at very competitive rates

We supply cheap energy to other companies on the park. There is even a power main from AVR directly to 4PET Recycling. Anyone at InnoFase who wants to enjoy significant savings on hot water or power just has to give us a call.

Robert Hageman, Operations Manager of the AVR waste-to-energy plant
AVR waste-to-energy plant
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