Sustainable production of energy and heat


Primco is currently constructing a 15 MWth cogeneration plant at InnoFase. This plant converts wood waste from the region into renewable energy and heat. Once the plant is ready, it will produce 12,500 MWh of electricity and 87,600 MWh of heat annually. The cogeneration plant will be commissioned in early 2020.

We will supply much of the electricity generated to the public grid, enough for some 4,000 households. We will use the heat generated primarily on site, but there are already plans to connect the city grids of Arnhem, Duiven and Westervoort to provide some 7,000 households with renewable heat.

Our goal is to make new technology in the area of renewable energy technically and financially feasible and to implement the technology. This includes drying waste from the food industry, such as potato waste, which can then be used to make other products.

Logistics options

The central location of Synergiepark InnoFase played a major role in our choice, as we collect waste materials from the region. There are plenty of transport options by road and rail, but also by boat. The nearby dockside on the IJssel River is interesting to us due to the volumes.

Peter Jansen, CEO
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