Sustainable waste processing


PreZero Nederland collects waste from 530,000 households and 80,000 companies and organisations. We use this waste to make raw materials for new products. But we also help organisations with sustainable waste management to ensure as much waste as possible is recycled.

We believe that waste is valuable, as it can be used again and again as raw materials for new products. This means fewer new raw materials are required, so we can save them for future use. We call this the ‘raw materials revolution’.

Together with our partners, the recycled products produced include park benches from ketchup bottles, toilet paper from milk cartons and watering cans from washing liquid containers.

Innovating at an ideal location

We are continually working to make the collaboration with companies more intensive and sustainable. The Innovation Workshop on the site, between the Water Board and AVR, is a good example of this. Third parties can evaluate their ideas here in relation to the processes of companies at InnoFase. This might include experiments with bottom ash for new applications.

Coert Petri, Sr. Policy Adviser
Rijn & IJssel Water Board
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